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Zeb Polston

Founding Partner

Zeb is passionate about three things – people, technology and the Red Sox. Leveraging his multidisciplinary background and penchant for people, he has successfully built global teams for venture-backed companies in the consumer internet, enterprise software, SaaS, media and hospitality sectors. After finding himself discouraged by the transactional nature of the recruiting process, he decided to start Blackprint, a company dedicated to doing things differently. To satisfy his love of technology he’s learning the MERN stack. If he wasn't pairing killer technology talent with game changing opportunities, Zeb would likely be flying bush planes in Tanzania, or helming sailboats in the Caribbean. You know, casual stuff.

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Zachary Jones

Technical Talent Partner

After working in a variety of tech environments and co-founding four companies, Zak is no stranger to building and collaborating with cross-functional teams that create material impact. In addition to creating value through breadth and depth knowledge of engineering and technology, Zak has a desire to facilitate business growth through genuine relationships. He knows a company is nothing without having the right people in the right place with the right vision. As a student of people and technology, you’ll always find Zak sparking discussions about platform architecture or history and cultural trends.

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Bob Belcher 

Anonymous Talent Partner

No Bob Belcher didn't quit Bob's Burger to join Blackprint (too bad for us). 

We do have a badass that we're excited to introduce very soon. Unfortunately we are waiting for legal stuff to get squared away.  Here we are waiting for you know, lawyers to do lawyer things.

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Elise Pierre-Louis

Administrative Assistant

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Giovanna Cruz

Talent Acquisition Consultant

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Alexandra Holmes

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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